The “Cat Pee Condo There was a lot of spray on the walls, not just down by the floor where you might expect it to be, but up the walls from where the cats had sprayed while standing on the back of the couch, chairs, Cat Spraying Basic Feline Care. 2 of 2 SKU 981036 Read More →

VOLUME 57 March 2013 Page 1 FELIS 1 reinforced his idea that a car ride IS horrible. President: (peeing on the floor, wall, objects). Cats also dislike change, and a new cat in the house is a huge change. These two character traits mean you could have a tough (but not im-passable) Excuses for not Read More →

Litter Box Behavior Cats develop a preference for eliminating in certain areas and on certain materials. Litter box problems are to expose “hidden” cat urine (it will glow in the dark under a black light). Mark spots for cleanup with masking tape. DOES YOUR CAT URINATE OUTSIDE THE CATBOX? Cat’s who urinate inappropriately can be Read More →

The Cat Winter 2013 25 HEALTH CHECK What to do If you are experiencing urine spraying in the home then the best advice is to consult with your veterinary surgeon, to rule If your cat is spraying on the cat flap, external doors or windows then it is usually because something outside is 10 Managing Read More →

glucose in the urine, to show that the increased levels of sugar in the blood and urine are persistent, and for the cat to show The classification system for diabetes mellitus is complicated when trying to compare diabetes in cats with diabetes in humans. WHAT I LEARNED FROM MY DIABETIC CAT: DIAGNOSIS AND MONITORING Ellen Read More →

Your cat backs up to an object with the tail lifted vertically and sprays a fine mist of urine from beneath his tail. Sometimes confining your pet to a private room for a few days will break the cycle of spraying Cat Spraying Basic Feline Care. Title: Managing your cat’s behaviour ESSENTIAL GUIDE 10. Ain’t Read More →

Spraying Spraying is not a litter box problem; it is an important part of nonverbal communication among cats to establish and define boundaries. A passing cat outside is enough to start it. Altering by six months of age prevents the habit from developing. Majority of cats who spray just do their spraying outside. They • Read More →

Scratching is one type of feline marking behavior. It is vitally important to the cat’s health, for both physical and emotional reasons. and reveals the sharp new nail beneath. This keeps the kitten’s toes and claws healthy. Trimming his nails reduces the damage potential. By marking and defending areas known as “home ranges.” which helps Read More →

The first step with any behavioral issue is to take your cat to the veterinarian Often times there are other signs that things are getting tense between your cats. One of the other signs is not using the litter scratching or spraying), or one cat always leaves a room when another walks Tips for you Read More →

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